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Last year's mock draft today

BTSC ran a 2014 Mock Draft in April, 2013. In total, 11 of the 32 picks made for the first round were taken there, including the first overall pick. A few of them didn't get drafted too, so consider this our outtakes reel for the 2014 Mock Draft season.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

It's fun to look back at the predictions of old. And considering we created more of these things this year than all previous years combined, we're thinking of this like our outtakes reel.

This isn't to disrespect Big Jay, our most proiminent mock draft writer. In fact, he does a pretty damn good job, if you consider the fact this was written without insight behind whether underclassmen will declare or not, and without even a structure of where the picks will be taken.

It was written for the sake of projecting the next year, nothing more. Since we posted his 2015 Mock in Advance, we're looking back at last year's future mock draft.

He called 11 first round picks, including top pick, Jadeveon Clowney going to Oakland. He also picked Johnny Manziel to Cleveland (at No. 8 overall) and had the Steelers picking an inside linebacker - C.J. Mosley, who went two picks after the Steelers took Ryan Shazier.

The most likely choice for the Steelers at this juncture is C.J. Mosley. He's probably one of the best coverage ILB's to come into the draft in a while and his run-stopping prowess isn't too shabby either. Much like Jarvis Jones before him Mosley is likely going to be the popular pick in most mock drafts to the Steelers for the time being. If one of the top CB's happens to drop they would definitely consider them, especially Loucheiz Purifoy who combines a 6'1" frame with 4.3 speed. Louis Nix is a 6'3", 325lbs. monster in the middle should McLendon not hold up. His Notre Dame teammate Stephon Tuitt is a personal favorite of mine to potentially replace Ziggy Hood but would the Steelers spend yet another first round pick on a DE? As of now the only FS scheduled to go in the first round is Stanford's Ed Reynolds. He's a 6'2" ballhawk who has returned 3 of his 6 interceptions for touchdowns.

He also put Texas defensive end Jackson Jeffcoat and cornerback Louchiez Purifoy in the first round, and neither player was drafted.

To be honest, I'm not even sure whether any of this is indicative of success or not. I would think getting a third of next year's first rounders would be pretty impressive, especially considering he only had two quarterbacks - next year there will probably be three or four.

So hats off to Big Jay, as well as laughter over a few of the busts. Thank you all for your support of our mock draft campaign, same times, same place next year when we discuss who the Steelers are taking with the 32nd pick.

Definitely a cornerback in the first round, right?