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Mike Adams sued in civil court by one of the alleged attackers

Adams saw three defendants walk after he was stabbed last year. One of those defendants filed a civil suit against the Steelers offensive tackle.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Dquay Means spent 11 months in jail, having been accused by Steelers offensive tackle Mike Adams of stabbing and attempting to rob the former Ohio State star.

He wants Adams to be held accountable to the fact Means was found not guilty of all charges brought against him.

WPXI's Alan Jennings obtained court documents filed by Means as part of a civil suit against Adams, citing "emotional distress" due to his imprisionment. The suit seeks undisclosed monetary damages.

Means and two other men, Michael Paranay and Jerrell Whitlock, were found not guilty of charges brought against them, except for evasion charges for both Paranay and Whitlock.

Adams was stabbed twice in the abdomen following an alercation with the three men who were acquitted. The defense claimed Adams was intoxicated, and bumped into the group, causing one to drop the shish kabob he was carrying. Adams, according to witnesses, asked them if they knew who he was.

Paranay admitted to having punched Adams in the face, but the defense said they were never attempting to steal his truck, which is what Adams claimed.

It's another chapter in the ongoing saga of Adams, who's play on the field only resembles his activities off it; inconsistently good, in the wrong place too often.