Whooopee!!! It's THAT time again!!!

...time to overhype our UDFAs!!! (as much fun as watching a gimpy-legged Browns QB getting steamrolled by a Steelers blitz:

We all know by now that UDFA Josh Mauro from Stanford is a quality addition who should vie for a roster spot at DE (along with Williams and Arnfelt). Likewise, small school OLB Howard Jones has an elite physical upside that caught the attention of several GMs, including [apparently] Kevin Colbert's. He's a project to be sure, but one that might lead eventually to a pleasant surprise.

But what of the other UDFAs? Does anyone have links to intriguing stats, reports, videos, ect. that can wet our appetites for pre-camp hype...err...hope? (please excuse the typo;

|I'll start the ball rolling with an ESPN clip of CB Najja Johnson [who runs the 40 in the high 4.3s and low 4.4s] as he high-points a long-ball interception.

UDFA CB Najja Johnson snags a deep post

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