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5 Burning Questions left in the wake of the 2014 Draft

Did the Steelers wait too long to address corner? Is there anything Dri Archer can do to avoid the dreaded "reach" label? Is Pittsburgh equipped to deal with back-to-back losses of heavyweights in their scouting department? Answer these and other Burning Questions left to in the wake of the Steelers 2014 Draft....

Jonathan Daniel

The 2014 NFL Draft has come and gone. Size, speed, and size define the Pittsburgh Steelers 2014 draft class as the team addressed very position area, save for quarterback. Although Mike Tomlin and Kevin Colbert may have added to their roster in a broad, bold stroke, their moves only managed to spawn 5 Burning Questions left in the wake of the draft.

1. When asked about Ryan Shazier, Carnell Lake said jokingly (or perhaps not so jokingly) that he'd happily take him as a safety if Keith Bulter didn't want him. Can Shaizer's speed and Shamarko Thomas' ability to cover in the slot on occasion make up for the Steelers decision to delay reinforcing the secondary until day 3 of the draft?

2. Before the draft, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review's Mark Kaboly got former Eagles and Ravens scout Daniel Jeremiah on the record about what defines a successful draft:

If three years down the line three of the players we picked in that draft were solid starters we weren't looking to replace, we viewed that as a successful draft.

This is similar to the standard that Art Rooney Jr. outlined in his book Ruanaidh. Do you agree that hitting on 3 out of 7 qualifies as success? How should solid backups factor into this equation? Explain your answer.

3. Of all of the Steelers moves, none seems to be drawing as much criticism as the decision to draft Dri Archer in the third round. In the Steelers 2007 draft, Tomlin and Colbert made a similar reach for Matt Spaeth, with mixed results. What, in your view, must Archer accomplish to avoid being considered a wasted pick?

4. With the 83rd pick the Houston Texans drafted Louis Nix (who in some early drafts got mocked to the Steelers in the first round) using the pick that Pittsburgh traded to Cleveland last year to take Shamarko Thomas.

Who would you have taken with that pick if you'd had it?

5. On May 7th 2013 Joe Greene retired after serving the Steelers as a player, assistant coach, and scout. On May 7th 2014 Bill Nunn Jr. passed away, after 46 years in the scouting department. How do you think their losses will impact the Steelers scouting effort, and do you think enough attention has been given to this issue by the press?

There you go folks snap to it. Remember, you may take all of the time you need to answer these questions and you're more than welcome to come back and update your paper if you remember something after you turn it in.

And as we frequently remind everyone, looking at your neighbor's paper is not only permitted, but encouraged!