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Texans waive former Pitt RB Ray Graham

The 2013 undrafted free agent was previously released by the Texans and signed to Pittsburgh's practice squad. From there, he was signed back to Houston's roster.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Like his running style former University of Pittsburgh running back Ray Graham has bounced between the Houston Texans and Steelers like a ping pong ball.

Graham was an undrafted free agent out of Pitt in 2013, and spent some of last season on the Steelers' practice squad. Houston signed him back at the end of their throwaway season, where he had four carries for eight yards.

He spent this offseason still on the Texans' roster, but was waived Wednesday. Chad Spann, another former Steelers running back, was released Wednesday from Houston as well.

Graham, a natural zone runner, is likely to draw some attention before training camp, after teams have had a chance to evaluate their rookie classes. The Steelers' rookie minicamp begins Friday in Pittsburgh.

Baltimore seems like a good fit for a tryout. Former Texans head coach Gary Kubiak is the offensive coordinator, and it would appear the Ravens are looking to implement a zone running scheme. But the Steelers, who have five running backs, not counting fullback Will Johnson) on their offseason roster, may want to give Graham another shot.