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Cameron Heyward rips Ryan Shazier for wearing a Browns shirt

Back in May, Steelers DE Cameron Heyward posted a photo of LB Ryan Shazier in college wearing a Browns shirt.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Originally run May 15. Shazier won't play in Week 6 vs. the Browns, but it's funny to look back on this now.

Wreck-It Heyward is taking his nickname to a new dimension.

But he's still wrecking whatever's in his way, even if it's the reputation of a new teammate. Perhaps, though, Steelers first round pick Ryan Shazier should take a shot or two for being in a picture wearing a Cleveland Browns shirt.

Maybe this is more of a call to action on behalf of the Steelers, who have made a point to draft Ohio State players at any opportunity over the last six seasons. They need to supply the Ohio State football team with more Steelers swag to wear, so in the event a player gets drafted by another team, writers can have a field day calling him out for perceived allegiances to a different team.

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Shazier is from Plantation, Fla., well outside Cleveland's main (and probably only) market of fans. It seems more likely he's just wearing it as a workout shirt. It's something he'll have to remember, though, thanks to Heyward (a former Ohio State player himself).

Editor's note: A reader, Joe Norelli, emailed me disagreeing with my assertion the area in which Shazier grew up doesn't have Browns fans:

Make no mistake, I am a die hard Steeler fan! I have to comment though, I travel a lot in my work so while on the road, I have to search for a place to watch my beloved Steelers, and though it's true that I can almost always catch the game because there are Steeler Bars everywhere, I always see a ton of Brown fans everywhere I go! Seriously, the Browns are a lot more popular around the country than most other franchises. Just sayin...

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