Tuitt against Alabama

I don't know about the rest of you guys but I am a negative, skeptical and pessimistic person. It sucks. Anyways, what this means is that when we drafted Tuitt, I immediately thought about the national championship game last year where Alabama ran the ball on Notre Dame like crazy. Did Alabama smoke Tuitt all night? What gives? It turns out that the entire 2013 national championship game is on youtube so I went back and watched it. I'm about half way through the third quarter and there is one thing that is plainly obvious. Alabama is running away from Tuitt almost exclusively. Notre Dame lines Tuitt up on either side of their line and no matter where Tuitt lines up, Alabama runs to the other side about 90% of the time. There have only been 5-6 runs at Tuitt, 2 of which he stuffed for a loss. Most of Alabama's success is because of their ability to destroy Notre Dame's other defensive linemen and the complete inability of Notre Dame's linebackers and safeties to tackle anyone. Tuitt doesn't really look dominant in this game but his opposition is as good as it gets in college football (Fluker and Kuondjio) and he generally holds his ground and in a few cases smokes his adversary. I'm pretty optimistic for Tuitt after watching this.

Also, Musberger's commentary on McCarron's girlfriend is still creepy.

Oh now they just showed a graphic of the distribution of Alabama's running in this game:

13 carries for 66 yards to the left. 16 carries for 142 yards up the middle, 4 carries for 4 yards to the right. Not exactly an even distribution, is it? When I say that Notre Dame moves Tuitt around, I don't mean that he is taking an equal number of snaps from either side.

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