Steelers Rookies Getting Settled In and a Dose of Intensity



Steelers Rookie camp winded down today , the Rookies all got a sense of what this season is going to be like playing under Steelers defensive coach Joey Porter. First round pick Ryan Shazier spoke of what he and the other rookies have experienced so far commenting , " He's real intense. He is bringing so much intensity! It is amazing to have such a great veteran like that, a guy who has such a great tradition here in Pittsburgh and the NFL be one of our coaches. It means a lot and will help us inexperienced players."

You would think that would be all , but it is not . Shazier has taken note of the Steelers deep rich tradition at the linebacker position going back from Lambert, Ham , Gildon, Kirkland , LLoyd , Porter and Harrison to name a few . "Pittsburgh is known for its linebackers and for what they have done. I I just want to add my name to that list and be one of the great Pittsburgh linebackers. I just want to continue to learn and do what I can in this playbook," said Shazier.

Now Porter and his intensity took a break as he had to leave early on Saturday but it was for a good reason . When drafted by the Steelers in 1998, Porter set a goal to graduate and now that time has come . Earning a Bachelor of Arts degree for Liberal Arts , Porter returned to Colorado State University Saturday night to graduate. "It speaks volumes about Joey's commitment that he finished what he started and earned his degree. That was the goal when he came back to work with our team last summer and gain experience as a coach to work towards completing his degree. He poured a lot into our team and we are excited he has built on that experience as an assistant coach with the Pittsburgh Steelers. It's more rewarding to see Joey now as a CSU graduate ," said CSU Head Coach Jim McElwain.

"Shade Tree" Daniel McCullers the 6'7" 352 lb defensive lineman, has definitely looked the part of someone who can stuff the run up the middle , playing nose tackle his entire time at Tennessee , with the flexibility to play defensive end as well. "I can be a physical defensive tackle a defense needs. I can control the center and help my linebackers make plays, " said McCullers.

McCullers biggest obstacle will not be the physical aspect of the game , but the mental aspect , learning the plays and adjusting. "The physical part you did your whole career. It's just mental now , learning the system . There are a lot of smart players. You have to learn all of the defense , it's a mental game . I am getting settled into it . The process is going good overall. I am excited for it . Hopefully each day I get better and more acclimated into the system," said McCullers.

With the defense needing a good injection of youth and force, the intensity and mental aspects seem to be rubbing off on the rookies right from the get go . If all the talk becomes action, we could be looking at a special group that can make an impact in 2014 and hopefully lead us to #7 !!!!!

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