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Report: NFL Draft 2015 likely to move from Radio City Music Hall

A source cited by MMQB editor Peter King says the draft won't be held at the placed it's been since 2006.

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

If you were ticked off the 2014 NFL Draft was pushed back two weeks, Sports Illustrated's Peter King has good news for you.

From his site, Monday Morning Quarterback, King quotes a source who said "At this point, I think it’s likely the draft is elsewhere in 2015."

The source didn't give a date range, although it did say it wouldn't be held on Mothers Day weekend again. King ended the report by saying his gut feeling is the first round will be drafted April 30 in Chicago.

King highlighted the reasons why the draft moved back two weeks, incidentally, into Mothers Day weekend. It wasn't due to an effort to build up hype, as many immediately suspected, but rather, a scheduling issue with Radio City Music Hall, the long-standing venue for the event.

Radio City Music Hall allegedly told the NFL they planned a gala event over the usual draft weekend in 2014, forcing the league to move it back to its next available weekend, May 8-10. Radio City ended up cancelling the event, much to the chagrin of the NFL, who now appears poised to sever ties with the venue.

With good reason, too. Whether the NFL gained or lost fan support for the draft due to the added wait, the perception is ultimately negative. With less time for rookies to prepare for the season, the league ultimately loses something, even if it's minute in the long run.