Raising the Next Generation of Steelers Nation

This isn't necessarily something big happening in the world of the Steelers, rather its something big happening in the life of a Steelers fan. I am a lifelong Steeler fan and all of my close family lives in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. I am about to hit my 30s and am already surprised at how quickly my favorite players have come and gone.

Just as time is passing those players by new players come along. Guys that are 20 and may not even know the past Steelers greats that I knew very well. Let alone the greats of the 70's. As the draft concluded we all speculate on how these new Steelers will perform and respectfully compare them to players of old.

This year I find myself to be even more reflective than normal. This year will be a big year for me. I am about to become a father. My wife is 38 weeks pregnant with our baby boy. Which for those of your who aren't as absorbed in the weeks of pregnancy, he could literally come at any moment.

As a new father, I feel like it is natural to think of your own childhood, your parents, things you did growing up and those things you want to do yourself as a parent. My hobbies are something I want to include my son in on. Being outdoors, cooking and watching my Steelers. This makes me think, what should I do for my son to bring him into the Steelers family.

The day after we announced to the family that we were having a boy i received two Steeler onesies. I plan on taking plenty of photos with him wearing those and wrapped up in my Terrible Towel. So now I want to present a question to you guys in BTSC, what Steelers memories do you cherish from your childhood? Whether it be with your father, mother or family. What things can I do to bring to light the play of Polamalu and Big Ben 10 years after they retire? What have your done with your own children that has made the Steelers that much more special for your and your children together?

Hopefully I can tell my son that the year he was born that team of Steelers went on to win their seventh championship! Thanks for reading!

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