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Steelers Dri Archer changed jersey number to 13

That would mean the Steelers' speedy third round draft pick is now a receiver, and not a running back.

Joe Sargent

Nevermind that backfield stuff. If you want Steelers third round pick Dri Archer to be a real multi-purpose weapon, he needs a number that supports it.

Archer posted a picture of a Steelers jersey with his last name and the No. 13 on it recently to Instagram, largely suggesting the rookie, who wore No. 34 during the Steelers' recent rookie minicamp, has made a change.

The change was confirmed on the team's web site as well.

The No. 13 was made famous last preseason by another speed demon, WR/KR Reggie Dunn.

More importantly, it means he's no longer a running back. According to NFL Rule 5, Section 1, Article 4: "If a player changes his position during his playing career in the NFL and such change moves him out of a category specified above, he must be issued an appropriate new jersey number."

The number 34 is not allowed to be worn by receivers, and the number 13 isn't allowed to be worn by running backs. Assuming Archer will not continue his rookie season in Pittsburgh as a quarterback, kicker or punter, it's safe to say he's now a reciver.

It's nothing new to Archer. He once changed jersey numbers in the middle of a game. His No. 1 jersey was ripped to shreds and he had to change to No. 26.