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Steelers wants Jarvis Jones to be a 'barn boss'

In 2013, Jarvis Jones didn't look like the playmaker that many people predicted he would be in his rookie season. How he can learn from now Assistant Defensive Coach, Joey Porter.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

During Joey Porter's time with the Pittsburgh Steelers he had many memorable moments. Some that stick out would be getting ejected in a game at Cleveland for getting into a physical altercation before the game (which then instituted the "Joey Porter Rule" for pre game interaction between teams). There was the myriad of verbal assaults he unleashed, most memorbaly against Jeremy Stevens of the Seattle Seahawks before Super Bowl 40. My favorite? When "J. Peezy" tried to go onto the Baltimore Ravens' team bus and pull Ray Lewis off to settle things like men.

Turns out, Steelers' linebackers coach, Keith Butler, would like to see Jarvis Jones get a little bit of that attitude that Porter displayed as a player. Butler told, "Jarvis is a little bit different than Joey but not much. Joey’s always had that kind of ‘barn boss’ attitude when he’s played, and we need some of that. I’ve already told them all the story about him going out to the bus and trying to pull Ray (Lewis) off the bus. I want somebody like that. I want that type of attitude in that room and he brings it."

This would be one of the many ways that Joey Porter helping coach the defensive players will benefit the current team. Porter might not be the schematic coach compared to others, but when it comes to a young player like Jarvis Jones, his knowledge will be invaluable.

Butler admits that Jones had a sub par year his rookie campaign, but at the same time recognizes that his second season should be significantly better, "He pretty much didn’t know where to line up last year. He had trouble with that. And then trying to catch up with what we were trying to do, and if somebody wasn’t there to help him, tell him what he was doing he was just about a half-second slow. In the second year everything slows down, and if it slows down mentally then it’ll be a lot easier for him."

The Steelers need Jones to be the difference maker that lead him to be drafted in the first round, and Joey Porter could be the perfect coach to teach him how to bring the nasty back to the Steelers' defense.