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Dri Archer says the plan is to use him 'creatively'

Perhaps it's best not to overthink this, though. Just snap the ball and throw it to him.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Steelers wide receiver Dri Archer talks about as fast as he runs.

In an interview with Randy Baumann & the DVE Morning Show, Archer said the Steelers have told him they were going to use him "creatively," and their ability to do that will dictate a lot of his success this season.

It sounds much like what was said about former Steelers running back Chris Rainey - an equally diminutive speed burner the Steelers selected in the fifth round in 2012. Archer mentioned he's heard all the comments about his size before, and perhaps what's been said in the past is what makes him so intriguing.

It seems logical to think the Steelers may have remembered their experiences with Rainey. Archer is physically much stronger (although it wouldn't take a whole lot for an NFL player to be stronger than Rainey), and the team is working him out more as a receiver than a running back - hence the number change from 34 to 13.

Getting him out of the backfield without having to motion him out makes much more sense. Even if the plan was to motion him to the slot, the fact he's on the field suggests the Steelers are looking to do something with him as a primary option. Just keeping him in the slot doesn't require any kind of adjustment, and he can be used in a routine way.

So in some ways, it's not the most creative idea - snap the ball and throw it to him. It's not as if the Steelers, after two years with offensive coordinator Todd Haley, need additional practice in running a receiver screen. A fully healthy Heath Miller (and Matt Spaeth) can help the speed in which downfield blocking can be established.

So maybe it's not a creative approach. Sometimes the simplest option is the best.