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Steelers receive 'B' grades for offseason of 2014

A speed and youth movement is underway in Pittsburgh, and it could be what breaks them out of their three-year slump in terms of winning division championships.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN Insider analysts Bill Williamson and Field Yates walked away from the Steelers' free agency period and draft seemingly impressed.

Williamson was surprised, even.

"They had a great offseason and I did not expect them to," Williamson said. "They did a great job of getting much younger and much faster on defense at every level. Their free-agent pickups were guys coming off their first contracts. They moved on from (Brett) Keisel and (Ryan) Clark. On offense, they did the opposite -- adding (Lance) Moore. It would not surprise me if they won 11 or 12 games this season."

You won't find many teams that don't have, among their top three receivers, one veteran at or around the age of 30. Suggesting Moore, who will turn 31 during training camp, is somehow handicapped by age is silly. If the team is expecting Moore to break Antonio Brown's franchise record of 1,499 receiving yards, expectations would be wrong, not the idea of Moore producing in the NFL at age 31.

Football Outsiders picked the Steelers to win the division, which would be the team's first division title in three seasons. They haven't gone more than three years between division title since 1985-91.

Offense won't really be the question this team needs to answer come the start of training camp. Its defense, with at least four new starters, including two of its three defensive linemen, has a rebuilding project in front of it. But considering the speed it added, it may not take very long.

Overall, it's a B now, but the arrow is pointed upward.