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Former Steelers RB Tim Worley impacting NFL in 2014

Former Steelers 1st round draft pick, Tim Worley's NFL career didn't last long, but he is attempting to make an impact on the NFL in 2014.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Pittsburgh Steelers fans typically do't like the name Tim Worley. After all, he is always considered to be a bust of a first round draft pick. Worley was drafted in the 1989 draft with the 7th overall pick, and although he had a decent rookie season, his career ultimately ended in disappointment.

After an injury plagued 1991 season, Worley was suspended for the entire 1992 season due to failing to take the mandatory drug tests administered by the NFL. It was in 1993 that the Steelers traded Worley to the Chicago Bears, where he lasted two seasons before exiting the NFL.

Upon leaving, trouble seemed to follow Worley, but it was a 2008 traffic stop that resulted in the former RB being restrained and taken into custody that he claims "straightened him out". He credits that arrest with refocusing him on his faith and his entrepreneurial spirit.

He is utilizing that spirit now in an attempt to help NFL rookies get acclimated to the life that they have now chosen and are thrust into at a young age.

Worley started a website that he is utilizing to reach out to players that are now experiencing what he did as the Steelers' first round draft pick in 1989. His first post to the NFL rookies is labeled "The Female Distraction". In the post he admits to having the arrogance and the "player" mindset at all times, which led him astray. He talks about how the distraction of woman turned him into something that he wasn't.

Worley is a man that's NFL career stalled out well before it should have, and never developed into what it should have become. However, for a man to put his mistakes behind him and attempt to help others is truly something to be admired.