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Craig Wolfley shares his five do's and don'ts for Steelers rookies

Wolfley's enthusiasm, energy and experience makes his advice for rookies even more compelling.

Listening to former Steelers lineman and current broadcaster Craig Wolfley is like having a shot of cappuccino injected directly into your veins.

His most recent podcast, recorded and released May 22, is no exception. Wolfley gives his 5 Do's and Don'ts for the Steelers' rookies, and probably anyone in any area of life, mixed in with stories from his playing days, all told as if it happened yesterday.

"We go out on the field, and we were in shorts, T-shirts and helmets," Wolfley said. "We ended up doing live 1-on-1s. I mean, I cut a guy. Oh yeah, we were 'boom-boom' punching, then he comes off and I took his legs right out.

You're in such a frenetic state of mind, when they bring you in, you're with the big boys. I;m at Three Rivers, I'm in the house of the Steelers. I just met Mr. Rooney the Chief and Chuck Noll...It's all about impressing the coaches. It's all about making an impression, saying 'this is who I am.'"

In reference to the current crop of rookies, now and in the future, "looking on it now, seeing how things really slowed down. It's a little bit milder but you've still got the same DNA in your mind, you want to impress the coaches."

We won't reveal the full list, but Wolf gave his Five Do's and Don'ts for the rookies. It's well-worth the listen.