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Steelers' offense should focus on versatility in 2014

The Steelers have constructed an offensive roster which can be lethal in terms of versatility.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Year after year you hear experts try and label teams as a "running" team or a "pass happy" offense. Even among Steelers fans, people will refer back to "Steelers football" in terms of the team focusing on the run as if it were 1978. However, looking at this roster the team should be focused on balance and versatility and nothing more.

The Steelers have an offense that can truly be versatile and flexible enough to be able to pick their poison in terms of how they attack the opposition. No longer is it the running back corps somewhat of a weakness, the wide receivers look to match the success that was had in 2013 and of course the quarterback is a two time Super Bowl champion that looks to be in the prime of his career.

The Steelers' backfield looks to be as dynamic as they've seen in the last decade as a budding star in Le'Veon Bell is coming off a record breaking rookie season, free agent LeGarrette Blount looks to bring a 1-2 punch that could rival any in the league and the drafting of speedster Dri Archer makes things even more interesting all areas of the offense.

Although the wide receiving corps might be less developed as the running backs, they are anchored by Antonio Brown who was second in the NFL in yards receiving and receptions in 2013. Brown proved he is a worthy number one receiver, but who else will step up along side him in 2014? The Steelers brought Lance Moore in via free agency to work the slot in place of Jerricho Cotchery and are hoping that second year pro Markus Wheaton and rookie Martavis Bryant will be able to round out a dynamic receiving group.

Steelers OTAs 2014

The biggest area to watch isn't the running backs, the wide receivers or the quarterback. It is the offensive line. The Steelers have banked heavily in this group with two 1st round picks, along with two 2nd round picks along the offensive line. Always under performing, the Steelers bring in one of the best offensive line coaches to help with their development in Mike Munchak. The line will need to be able to protect Ben Roethlisberger as well as open holes for those running backs to gain valuable yards on the ground.

With that said, the word that should describe the Steelers' 2014 offensive isn't run oriented or pass happy, but balanced. When the Steelers are at their best, they allow their quarterback to read the plays and pick apart the defense with the run and the pass. This could be a very well rounded offense for the Steelers, and it will be needed for the Steelers to contend in the AFC.