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Steelers offensive linemen 'coming into their best years,' according to Mike Munchak

Munchak is excited to work with the young Steelers' offensive linemen, center Maurkice Pouncey in particular.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Accepting the Steelers' open offensive line coach position was easy for former head coach Mike Munchak. It came down to having the chance to coach a line with so many players entering their respective primes.

Center Maurkice Pouncey, most importantly.

"That’s what I was so excited about coming here," Munchak told writer Mike Prisuta. "I knew most of these guys, I’ve studied them, watched them. I remember when Pouncey got drafted, I said, ‘Man, they got a great one there.’"

Munchak is excited, fans are excited but it doesn't seem anyone's more excited for Pouncey's return to the field than Pouncey himself.

"He’s doing well, I think right on target to what they thought he would be. He’s very excited about playing again. He’s been to all the meetings. He’s been on the field running around. We pretty much are just going to have to control him from not being too excited as we get into (training) camp, because it’s a long way to go yet before that opener."

Munchak sees this offensive line as just entering their prime.

"I think there are a lot of guys coming into their best years. I always tell guys their fourth year, their fifth year, their sixth year are where they understand the league now. That’s where David is right now (heading into his third year). That’s where Pouncey is right now (heading into his fifth year). That’s where (Marcus) Gilbert is right now (heading into his fourth year). I think you’re going to see the best offensive line play, hopefully, that we have going forward for the next handful of years."

If Pouncey was a big reason why Munchak is now coaching with the Steelers, the entire team will benefit from that decision in 2014.