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5 Burning Questions on the Pittsburgh Steelers Draft

If the Steelers were on the clock and you got a call for one of the Rooneys, what would you say? Are the Steelers selling themselves short by not drafting a defensive lineman early? Would you trade Pouncey, and if so for what? Answer these and other Burning Questions on the 2014 Pittsburgh Steelers Draft.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Here we are folks. We've read through the mock drafts and conducted our own. We've marveled at our ability to play general manager, orchestrating trade after trade. All the hypothetical situations have been thought through. At least once.

And now the time has come, the 2014 NFL Draft is almost actually here.

But before it can arrive, Behind the Steel Curtain offer you these 5 Burning Questions on the Pittsburgh Steelers 2014 NFL Draft:

1. In March Ziggy Hood became the first Kevin Colbert-era first round draft pick to leave the Steelers via free agency since Plaxico Burress in 2004. In the eyes of many, Hood was a "Bust." Yet, Chuck Noll drafted Keith Gray and Aaron Jones far earlier than Hood, and would have ecstatic to have gotten Hood-like production out of either of the two. (Many other examples exist here.)

With that bit of context in place, what constitutes a true first round "bust?"

2. Irrespective of how deep this draft is said to be at one position or another and who might or might not be projected to be on the board during various rounds, at what position do the Pittsburgh Steelers find themselves in greatest need? Defend your choice.

3. Eyeing the difficulties of resigning Maurkice Pouncey, Neal Coolong has suggested the possibility of the Steelers trading him. The phone rings Thursday night, someone wants to trade for Pouncey. What do you ask in return?

4. Our own Tony Defeo discussed why the Steelers won't take a defensive lineman early in the draft despite glaring need at defensive end. I'll be writing on this here at BTSC in more depth soon, but for now let me simply ask if the Steelers lengthy defensive line development cycle isn't limiting them too much?

5. OK, pick number 15 comes up and these guys are on the board....

Darqueze Dennard, cornerback of Michigan State,
Kyle Fuller, cornerback of Virginia Tech,
Odell Beckham Jr., wide receiver of LSU,
Justin Gilbert, cornerback of Oklahoma State,
Taylor Lewan, offensive tackle of Michigan

Kevin Colbert and Mike Tomlin can't agree on who to pick; Your cellphone rings, it's a 412 area code... Art Rooney II asks you to break the impasse. What do you tell him?

There you go folks have it it, but make sure to have your cards into the podium before the clock runs out or yougive up the pick!