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Steelers commentary: Two unsigned draft picks remain, digging into possible reasons for that

The Steelers have signed all but two of their 2014 NFL draft picks. Maybe Dri Archer and Stephon Tuitt broke whichever hands they write with.

Michael Chang

2014 second round pick, Stephon Tuitt, and 2014 third round pick, Dri Archer have not signed their rookie contracts.

They are the only two draft picks left that remain not under contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers. It's a little concerning, if you really think about it.

Allow me to elaborate.

Ryan Shazier, Martavis Bryant, Jordan Zumwalt, Shaquille Richardson, Daniel McCullers, Rob Blanchflower, and all the undrafted free agents have healthy hands, obviously.

The entire 2014 Steelers team took a day off and went to Dave and Busters for some R&R. Maybe Archer fell in the ball pit, and the rescue mission wasn't able to find him.

Did Tuitt try and be cool and climb around in the play structure, got stuck and fell asleep? Did he fall into a carb coma? Maybe he actually did break his hand playing a BOP! game. I've heard of that happening, but never actually seen it. Might be an urban legend, might be the reason he hasn't signed.

Did Archer gorge himself on ribs and gain too much weight so he can't fit into his pants and, therefore, can't leave his house?

Maybe Archer caught a virus at the NFLPA Rookie Premiere. Did the Ravens conspire against the fastest player in the 2014 draft to sabotage the Steelers season?

Defensive line coach, John Mitchell, compared Tuitt to a young Aaron Smith. High praise for a guy who hasn't even practiced in pads yet, let alone under contract. Maybe it was too much pressure for the young man, and he cracked, went all Chief, smothering Archer with a pillow, threw a drinking fountain through a window, and ran off into the night.

Tuitt and Archer are saying all the right things; Proud to be a Steeler, to be able to contribute to the best franchise in the NFL, yadda yadda yadda. However, the old adage remains never truer than now: Actions speak louder than words. If these guys are so proud and happy that they are Steelers, then why haven't they shown it by putting pen to paper and proving it?

Unless, all four of their hands really are broken.