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Blount's new facemask drawing attention

Steelers running back shows off new facemask on Twitter.

Jim Rogash

The force looks to be strong with LeGarrette Blount.

Darth Vader has been among the comparisons made in regards to Blount's new facemask, which the Steelers new running back posted recently on his Twitter account. His facemask, complimented by an eye shield, has drawn attention for its unique look and design.

The facemask looks similar to the one Ray Lewis wore during the Ravens post season run back in 2012.Like Blount, Lewis also complimented the new-look facemask with an eye shield to complete the intimidating look. Justin Tuck also began wearing a similar facemask at about the same time. He said that his new facemask was custom made by Schutt Sports with the goal being to restrict opponents ability to yank his facemask.

Blount isn't the only recent addition to the team sporting a unique facemask. Defensive linemen Stephon Tuitt sported a "Shredder" looking facemask during his time at Notre Dame.

One of my first reactions upon seeing Blount's new facemask was wondering how intimidating Jerome Bettis would have looked wearing this facemask. Bettis was innovative for this time, as he sported a black chin strap during the 1998 season that seemed to compliment the team's black facemask well.But can you imagine the sight of a 255-pound Bettis wearing Blount's facemask?

Regardless of what the facemask looks like, Steelers fans just hope that Blount helps solidify what should be a solid Steelers backfield in 2014. Already armed with second year back Le'Veon Bell, Blount will be thrown into the mix along with third round draft pick Dri Archer. A load at 6''1 and 245 pounds, Blount averaged an impressive 5.0 yards per carry last season with New England. He was the team's star in the Patriots blowout win over the Colts last postseason, rushing for 166 yards and four touchdowns.