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Atlanta Falcons will appear on HBO's Hard Knocks in 2014

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The Atlanta Falcons will be featured in HBO's documentary Hard Knocks in 2014, getting the Steelers off the hook, or robbing fans of the chance to see the Steelers up close, depending on your viewpoint.

Justin K. Aller

HBO has announced the Atlanta Falcons will be featured on its hit documentary Series "Hard Knocks" during training camp in 2014.

Steelers fans may breathe a sign of relief, or express disappointment. They were one of eight teams eligible for inclusion in the show, barring a volunteer.

Atlanta, however, was not, indicating they volunteered to be the subject of the show, something taboo in the eyes of many fans. Along with the Steelers, the Bears, Giants, Bills, Cardinals, Jaguars, Raiders, and Rams qualified as teams having missed the playoffs the previous two seasons and do not have a first-year head coach.

Reports indicated Cleveland was approached about appearing, but declined.