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Steelers fans didn't want Hard Knocks anyway

Why would fans want a high-quality documentary done in real time on their team? Because apparently the Steelers don't do things that way.

Jonathan Daniel

Are you happy now, Steelers fans? The Atlanta Falcons dove on the franchise-altering disaster known as Hard Knocks.

It was close, though. The Steelers nearly had to endure the horror and atrocity of cameras following the team around, very close to, and probably intentionally, an actual NFL game.

We can't have that, now, can we?

This is the Steelers we're talking about here. A well-run organization with a bright future and players we'd all like to see in a more in-depth manner. We'll leave it to the local fish wraps to get us candid interviews in real time, presented in an Emmy Award-winning manner.

Why would we want in-depth conversation with the players we talk about so much? We've got Kaboly's over-the-shoulder catches, complete with bad throws, grainy images and no narrative. Nothing against Kaboly, he's sticking to football, and doing a good job based on his job description as a beat reporter.

HBO is the digital devil. It's tight shots, outstanding storytelling ability and compelling production work has no place within the confines of the six-time Super Bowl champions - and two-time consecutive non-winning season Steelers. There's no interest any more in one of the most exciting draft classes this team has had. No one's even remotely excited about Troy Polamalu working with a new free safety for the first time since Polamalu's hair had no gray in it.

Who cares about LeBackfield anyway? We want it as bland as Minnesota chili. We think cameras being around the team - the new concept it is - will distract the professionals paid to perform in front of cameras. Nevermind the route of restricted access has neither hurt nor benefited the team in the past. HBO wasn't on site to record the early goings of the team's 2013 season, one that started 0-4.

Fans are the soul of this team, no one argues with that. But the soul shouldn't be shared with others, lest Lawrence Timmons swears, or sports a Miami Heat hat. We can't take too much reality from our team because it breaks into getting to know them better.

We might not like what we see.

Any excuse from the absurd ("this isn't how this franchise does things") to the arrogant ("let the Bengals do it, they need the attention") can be used as the basis of reason for the reaper passing over the Steelers' doorstep. This franchise has no story to tell, there's no amazing imagery of seeing the six Lombardis in the display case.

No, in fact the only thing that will get us excited about the season is reading about Antwon Blake's apparent bid for All Pro selection in 2014. That's obvious, because, well, he's on the Steelers of course.

Let's just keep this in mind for next year. If the Steelers miss the playoffs again, assuming their coach remains the same, they'll still be as equally uninteresting, and the franchise will still be conducting itself in a manner where they're above granting access for high-quality documentaries.

We don't want to see any of it.