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Steelers minicamp: Offense and defense making a splash

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The Steelers have almost concluded their minicamp, but there is already one distinguishable difference between last season and this season.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

If you love big plays, the 2014 Pittsburgh Steelers might be a safe bet to follow this season. As reported by Scott Brown of ESPN, big plays have happened frequently, on both sides of the ball.

This should come as a welcome sight to Steelers fans everywhere. Last season could be remembered for dropped interceptions and enough wide receiver screens to make the most loyal fan wonder what they are doing, but then again, when you add youth and speed on both sides of the ball big plays are bound to happen.

Let's keep one thing in perspective. The Steelers are playing against the Steelers in minicamp, so when the offense scores on a big play, it is against the Steelers' defense, and vice versa. Also, there will be plays made against players that will be lucky to be putting on a Steelers' jersey after the preseason has wrapped up.

What may be more important than the Steelers imposing their will on each other, is the simple fact that plays are being made. The lack of turnovers and failure to finish drives were huge issues in the mediocre 8-8 outcome of 2013.

To recap the big plays made at the second minicamp session, Brown reports that Roethlisberger completed long pass plays to Antonio Brown and Markus Wheaton, but was also intercepted by Ike Taylor and Cortez Allen. Sean Spence intercepted Landry Jones and took the pass back for a touchdown, but it was Martavis Bryant who got the last laugh by hauling in a deep touchdown for the final score of the session.

Newly acquired safety, Mike Mitchell, felt that Bryant's touchdown gave the "win" to the offense, "They ended with a high note," "It would have been nice to knock that ball down but we're battling."

Hopefully this big play trend is something that holds steady not just for minicamp and training camp, but into the regular season when the big plays are made against the opposition and the games really count.