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Steelers four unsigned rookies should have contracts signed at some point this week

The top four Steelers rookies should expect to sign contracts at any point this week. The team begins its second set of OTAs practices in Pittsburgh Tuesday.

Joe Sargent

Four Steelers rookies are looking to cash in beginning today.

The remaining four unsigned draft picks, Ryan Shazier, Stephon Tuitt, Dri Archer and Martavis Bryant, will presumably sign their contracts at some point this week, probably sooner rather than later.

We're further presuming none of the four of them will have had a job that paid them, before taxes, $5.6 million, like Shazier is about to bank in his signing bonus, so this is probably a pretty exciting day or week or both for all of them.

Here's a look again at the salary cap figures each of the unsigned rookies can expect to be accounted for after they sign their rookie deals.

2014 Rookie Salary Cap Hit Projections
Player 2014 2015 2016 2017
R. Shazier $1,859,782 $2,324,727 $2,789,672 $3,254,617
S. Tuitt $879,998 $1,099,997 $1,319,996 $1,539,995
D. Archer $559,187 $649,187 $739,187 $829,187
M. Bryant $540,814 $630,814 $720,814 $810,814

The Steelers begin the second installment of OTAs this week with practices scheduled Tuesday through Thursday on the South Side.