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Hines Ward scheduled to get married in July at Heinz Field

The team's all-time leader in receptions and receiving yards will wed on the grass at Heinz Field.

Karl Walter

Much of Hines Ward's career was marked by success on the natural grass surface of Heinz Field.

So why not begin the next phase of his life there as well?

According to TMZ Sports, Ward will marry Lindsay Georgalas sometime in July. Ward has a son from a previous marriage, and has reportedly been dating Ms. Georgalas since 2012.

Ward played all but three seasons of his 14-year career at Heinz Field. He was a third round pick by the Steelers in 1998, and played that year and his next two at Three Rivers Stadium.

The Steelers, obviously, are not a charity, but how much would they charge Hines Ward to use the stadium for his wedding? TMZ speculated it could cost somewhere around $35,000. Given the team could be given access to photos of some kind, maybe he could work out a deal.

Or, maybe Ward can just splurge and fork over the cash. It seems reasonable to believe the wedding at Heinz Field thing was his idea.