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Friday night 5 questions and open thread

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There's World Cup action and there's...other stuff. But there's always the buzz of football, even if it's over a month away.

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As usual, bring your own drinks, no discussions pertaining to the life and times of Amos Otis and if you haven't donated before, we accept all major credit cards.

1. Which is the biggest surprise contribution to the Steelers in 2014, Cam Thomas's 10 hypothetical sacks, Mike Mitchell's hypothetical eight interceptions or Arthur Moats' hypothetical 15 starts?

2. Rate 1-10 this statement, 1 not at all crazy, 10 complete bat shit above and beyond crazy: LeBackfield challenges Harris and Bleier's 1,000 yards each in 1976 this season.

3. Tonight's bar question: Two seats in a bar open, one is next to an extremely attractive member of the gender to which you are attracted wearing a Ray Lewis jersey. the other next to a fairly unattractive person wearing a Pussycat Dolls t-shirt. Who do you sit next to?

4. What Steelers player will make the first takeaway in 2014?

5. Kevin Love, J.J. Berea and Kevin Martin and the 13th overall pick for Klay Thompson and David Lee sounds like the most ridiculous trade rumor in the history of sports. Please explain to me why this was even mentioned along with the word "possibility."