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Steelers taking a 'whatever it takes' mentality into 2014 season

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The Steelers look to show they can do whatever it will require for them to win games and be successful in 2014 and break the two year trend of mediocrity.

Gregory Shamus

You hear coaches and players use mottoes and slogans like "whatever it takes" every season, but there is a difference between this 2014 Steelers team and their ability to do "whatever it takes" to win.

Some fans might take mottoes like "whatever it takes" as simple lip service, but it is more than that for this Pittsburgh Steelers team. This team, more so than the past two teams that have taken the field in the black and gold, is more equipped to be able to fulfill this motto.

The past two seasons of mediocrity have been filled with a roster that truly lacks versatility. The players were limited in what schemes and what practices could be performed to make the team win. If the Steelers matched up well against an opponent, they had a great chance to win, but against teams that gave the team matchup problems, it wasn't pretty.

This season the speed and versatility that spans across the roster will give the team an arsenal that they haven't had since their last trip to the Super Bowl.

If there is an opponent like the New England Patriots that likes to spread defenses out and utilize their speed and quick passing attack, the Steelers' are now equipped to defend against such an offense. Ryan Shazier in the middle of the field, along with Mike Mitchell paired with Troy Polamalu make the Steelers a team that can do what it takes to win those games.

On the other side of the football, the Steelers have turned into a team that can run the no huddle and spread out a defense, but still have the backfield and offensive line to line up and run the ball in power formations. Truly showing the versatility that makes them extremely difficult to defend.

This team has the potential to be versatile to the point that they actually can do "whatever it takes" to win. Unlike in past seasons, where opponents that had the scheme and personnel to abuse the glaring weaknesses within the Steelers' lineup which would equate to the Steelers being beaten badly, this team seems to be able to adapt according to the opponent.

This 2014 season is going to be different in a lot of ways, but the biggest reason for the difference is this team's ability to adapt and change according to need, and ultimately doing "whatever it takes" to win football games.