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New book details former punter's journey to Steelers bars across the country

Former Pittsburgh Steelers punter, Josh Miller, traveled across country to over 140 Steelers bars and details the journey in a soon to be released book.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Have you ever been traveling, and it suddenly hits you, "Where am I going to watch the Steelers this weekend?!"?

No? Me neither, if you are like me you always have a plan for where you will be parking your rear end to watch the black and gold each and every game.

Have you ever wondered what in the world Josh Miller has been up to?

No? Me neither, but if you have, the former Pittsburgh Steelers punter co-wrote a book titled "Always A Home Game" that is set to be debut on July 20th and can be purchased online at for $19.74.

Before you think the book is based around a list of Steelers bars across the United States, think again. This book is about Miller and his co-writer, Shawn Allen, traveling to each of these Steelers bars in 140 days. The book's premise are telling the tales, highlighting the people and showcasing the best fan base in the NFL.

Believe it or not, Miller and Allen went to Dan and Art Rooney II to get their praise for the book, as well as permission to use the Steelers name, etc. throughout the process. To no one's astonishment, the Rooney's gave them their full support.

When the trip ended, the duo was left with unforgettable memories, but one thing stood out the most. The fact that Steeler Nation is by far superior to any other fan base in the NFL.

"You can't do this for any other team." Miller told Jason Mackey of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review "If you're in Jacksonville, good luck."