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Pittsburgh Steelers 'really needed' Munchak

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The Pittsburgh Steelers got arguably the best offensive line coach in the NFL this offseason, and the Steelers were in a desperate need for someone to solidify that position.

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The amount of respect being dished out to newly acquired offensive line coach Mike Munchak by players, coaches and media is well deserved. After all, it isn't every day you have a Hall of Fame player and a former head coach taking over such a key position as offensive line coach.

Munchak has the distinction of following the much maligned Jack Bicknell Jr., who was remembered more for wasting massive amounts of time abandoning systems like the outside zone blocking scheme last year, than he was for running a successful and cohesive unit.

Bicknell focused on the X's and O's of the game, which has it's place within the game, but Munchak has been teaching the technique that has players raving over his methods throughout spring practices.

Pro Bowl center Maurkice Pouncey has been one of the many players raving over Munchak and what he brings to the table. As Pouncey told Dale Lolley of the Observer-Reporter, "To get a new coach, a Hall-of-Fame player like Mike Munchak, is awesome." "He brings a completely different set of credentials to this. He played the game and played it at a high level. We really needed him, which is great for the group."

Pouncey hit the nail on the head when he selected his words. The Steelers absolutely needed Munchak, and fans have quickly realized what he can bring to the table in terms of finally putting the pieces of the puzzle together for an offensive line that is deep in first and second round draft picks.

As exciting as this is for the Steelers and their fans, Munchak realizes that this group has great potential, and is extremely excited about the opportunity to help this unit reach the 'next level'.

"I just think it's exciting for all of us" Munchak said. "We have a new fresh start for me, a fresh start for the linemen. A new way of looking at things (and) fresh eyes on what they've been doing and they've been successful. There are some good football players here. It's just a matter of me having an opportunity (to work with them). I'm inheriting a good group (of) high draft choices."

Munchak is no miracle worker, but for a Steelers offensive line waiting to blossom, he very well could be the difference maker they "needed" in 2014.