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Steelers projected to spend fewer dollars per receiving yard than all but three other NFL teams

The key is spending the least while still getting the most. The Steelers are in a prime position to do that in 2014 based on a CBS Sports projection.

Matthew Sharpe

Only three other teams, the Green Bay Packers ($1,690), the Dallas Cowboys ($1,735) and the Carolina Panthers ($2,067) will spend fewer dollars per receiving yard this season, according to CBS Sports' Will Brinson.

The Steelers, at $2,174, have, quite obviously, a pretty damn cheap receiving group. Sure, you have Antonio Brown hauling in a boatload of cash (and a huge amount of passes last year), but his base salary is only $730,000 this year. And he's by far the highest paid.

The Ravens ($2,354) are the fifth-lowest, and Cincinnati projects at $4,855 per yard and Cleveland, somehow, is projected to have the most expensive receivers in the AFC North.

Suppose that makes sense, considering their receivers will have around 80 catches as a group this year.

The Miami Dolphins, with the Steelers ol' buddy Mike Wallace, project to have the highest at $9,162.