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Ex-Steelers OLB Thaddeus Gibson's star is on the rise in the CFL

Another former Steelers draft pick is in Canada looking to make a new career.


The spin into the Canadian Football League didn't work out well for Limas Sweed.

Ex-Steelers fifth-round pick Terry Hawthorne is giving it a shot now, having been picked up by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

Standing above all else, apparently, another ex-Steelers player, former fourth round pick Thaddeus Gibson, who is making waves for the Toronto Argonauts.

This is high comedy.

"When the dust eventually settles, when it’s time to line up and field the best 12 players on defence, the name Thaddeus Gibson will be front and centre."

Good for Thad Gibson, though. The fourth-round pick from 2010, a time when outside linebackers were plentiful. Making a team isn't for a lack of trying for Gibson. He went from Pittsburgh to San Francisco to Houston, to Washington, back to Houston, to Chicago, to Tennessee, to Dallas, and now, to Toronto.

And they like him in Toronto. And as soon as he gets the rules of the game, imagine what he'll do.

Gibson has never been exposed to the CFL’s playing field and rules, but he likes what he’s seen.

"It’s a challenge,’’ Gibson said of the one yard difference on the line of scrimmage. "But it forces you to do what you do best. In my case, that’s speed.

"If I’m two yards off the ball, my job is to get to the quarterback and I’m coming to get you. The rules are the rules and you play by the rules, you play hard, you play smart and you play together. I think it’s an amazing atmosphere. I’m just grateful for the opportunity."

It's great to see so many former Steelers draft picks finding success in Canada. The Steelers on the field return for the final practice of OTAs this week Thursday.