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Steelers rookies head to NFL mecca, Pro Football Hall of Fame

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The Pittsburgh Steelers wrapped up their 2nd OTAs session, but the 2014 rookie class took a road trip to Canton, OH.

Joe Sargent

There isn't a lot to do in Ohio, but there are two main attractions: the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame. Since learning how to play the guitar like Chuck Berry wouldn't do a football player much good, the Steelers rookie class and a few other players traveled to Canton to visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Any NFL fan that grew up within a 3 hour radius of Canton has most likely been to see the Hall of Fame, but those that haven't might not understand how inspirational and influentional such a trip can have on a group of young NFL players, especially if you play for the Steelers.

Walking through the halls of the legendary building these players will see all of the 1970's Steelers that captured 4 Super Bowl titles for the city, as well as players like Rod Woodson and Dermontti Dawson who never won the city of Pittsburgh a Lombardi trophy, but were great in their own right.

Seeing this history and seeing the many great players who's busts adorn the hall of fame will only act as a source of inspiration and motivation to players who are just entering the business wondering if their busts might be sitting in those hallowed halls one day.

If you live close to Canton and haven't been to the Hall of Fame, by all means make the trip as soon as possible. It is worth every second of the drive, and every cent for admission for the true NFL football fan.