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Friday Night Open Thread and five questions

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Another Friday on the docket, and with it, five random questions and a chance to spend the evening discussing anything and everything.

Jason O. Watson

Yes, another Friday evening is upon us, and another week of OTAs are in the books.

No, we don't feel like coming up with interesting leads for the Friday Night Open Thread (FNOT?). We do like coming up with questions for you all to answer - some are serious, some are not, and something is wrong with you if you can't tell the difference.

As usual, the rules are simple; bring your own drink, no conversations about the War of 1812, and financial donations are expected from those who haven't donated yet.

1. The Steelers' receivers playing the split end position have little experience. That hasn't ever really been an issue as long as the Steelers have had a good flanker. That position still may be an issue this year, though. Does Markus Wheaton really have a strong hold on that starting spot? How far behind would the trifecta of Justin Brown, Derrick MoYe, Martavis Bryant and Darrius Heyward-Bey be?

2. LeBron cramps up and misses key moments in the San Antonio Spurs' win over James' Heat. Are you willing to agree he should not be allowed to use this as an excuse for his failure to lead his team to a Three-Peat?

3. U.S. Men's National Team coach Jurgen Klinsmann recently said his team has no chance of winning the World Cup starting next week in Brazil. However true that may be, is it wise of a coach to admit defeat well in advance of his team's lack of chance to win a tournament?

4. Follow-up to that...if Any Given Sunday is an applicable term for the even nature of the NFL, why should a country with the financial resources of the United States as well as at least a puncher's chance of winning a world tournament in most other sports be so hopeless their coach tells the media two weeks before a tournament they won't win?

5. Finish this sentence as if you were the father of a 20-year-old daughter: "My daughter brought a Ravens fan home, and I..."