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Attitude adjustments necessary for Steelers

For the Steelers to return to their winning ways, they need to get back to Steelers' football, and that starts and ends with a much needed attitude adjustment.

Jason Miller

A lot has been reported about Joey Porter's return to the Steelers as an assistant defensive coach. About the intensity that he brings and how he is teaching the team how to approach games and how to prepare like a NFL player, but what has also been discussed is his bringing the right attitude back to the Steelers. Some call it, the "Steelers way".

When I hear this I can't help but wonder why this team would need Joey Porter to bring that back to the steel city? What happened between the Steelers last Super Bowl appearance in 2010, to back to back 8-8 seasons?

The answer is simple. Leadership. The team went from having players that were pushing the limits on the field, but were just a ruthless off the field. There weren't hugs and handshakes all around after the Steelers played the Baltimore Ravens, but a focus and determination that bordered hatred ran through the veins of Steelers players.

That attitude and intensity was replaced by tractors being driven to camp, players more known for body hair than their play on the field and ultimately a general lack of understanding of what the "Steelers way" truly is all about.

It's about the team, not the individual. You come to work every day, you do your job harder than everyone else and you reap the benefits.

This 2014 team seems to already have a focus and intensity that has lacked this team since the 2010 Super Bowl appearance against the Green Bay Packers. You can talk about free agents and rookie signings until you are blue in the face, but this team is going to have to learn to be winners. Joey Porter will help them along, but the players will have to own the identity and attitude themselves.

This team's leadership is much improved with players like Antonio Brown leading by example and not with his words, but he needs players to follow suit for the leadership to be effective.

It reminds me of the classic scene from the movie 'Remember the Titans' - "Attitude reflects leadership."

With back to back 8-8 seasons, the Steelers are long overdue for an attitude adjustment.