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Keisel fishes with Children's Hospital patients

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Brett Keisel shares his love of fishing with four Children's Hospital patients.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

While opposing offenses need to, patients at Children's Hospital have no reason to fear the beard.

Earlier this summer, Brett Keisel shared of his love of fishing with four patients at Children's Hospital.A local TV station captured the event. Keisel spent a summer June afternoon teaching the basics of fishing to four children suffering from various ailments.

In a summer that has seen the media fixated on the happenings of Johnny Manziel and discussing the drug use among NFL players, it's refreshing to see stories like this, with the icing on the cake being that it's a Steeler. It's just a reminder that while most big stories about athletes are negative, there are plenty of professional athletes that are using their platform to make the world a better place.