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Pittsburgh Steelers run test comes and goes without so much as a hiccup

The days of players failing to complete the Pittsburgh Steelers' conditioning test seem to be long gone as every player completed the test in the first day of 2014 training camp.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Gone are the days of Casey "Big Snack" Hampton being placed on the physically unable to perform list, simply because he wasn't even close to being able to finish the yearly 'run test' that always starts training camp.

Gone are the days of reports that tackle Marcus Gilbert nearly passed out after completing the test.

The first day of camp always marks the annual conditioning test that has been affectionately coined the 'run test', and it came and went without anyone reportedly failing the test.

I posed the question on Twitter whether fans thought any specific player wouldn't complete the test, and the boys in the trenches certainly weren't given any slack.

Mike Adams, Marcus Gilbert, Daniel McCullers and a few other linemen names were sprinkled in the mix of potential candidates to fail to complete the simple, by NFL athlete standards, conditioning test.

With the run test now officially behind the players, they will have their first team practices Saturday. That practice is also the first public practice at St. Vincent College in Latrobe, PA. The first 'live' and padded practice will be taking place on Monday.