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Worilds: "What are you going to do with your one and only life?"

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The Steelers linebacker allowed camera crews to document one day in his life this past offseason.


Jason Worilds is hungry.

Even after downing five egg whites, he still has an appetite for destruction and success.

The Steelers linebacker allowed a camera crew to document one of his routine week days this past offseason that included an up-close view of how he kept himself in shape in preparation for the 2014 season.

According to his trainer, Worilds' workout included four four-hour training sessions a week that included two hours of speed training and an additional two hours of strength training. His fifth workout of the week focused on form running.

The 26 year old Worilds is entering his fifth season with the Steelers. The Virgina Tech product enters the 2014 campaign looking to carry over his momentum from the 2013 season that saw him tally a career best 8 sacks.