Be A Good NFL Customer, Let Them Know What You Think

The mishandling of the Ray Rice case should be grounds for Roger Goodell's resignation.

To suddenly change the punishment merely because a video came out is a shameful PR move that shows either gross negligence or willful ignorance on the part of Roger Goodell, who is the final say on all punitive measures for the NFL. Domestic abuse happened, regardless of whether there was a camera there to record it.

That was the complaint I filed with the NFL on their web site.

Goodell says that his job is not on the line. Do you wonder how many consumers of the NFL product it would take to change that?

If you'd like to join this little experiment:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on 'Other'
  3. For the Subject, choose 'Filing a Complaint'
  4. Speak your piece, but please be civil

It takes one minute (unless you write a novel), and the thing is, you've probably already typed the same words you'd like to say to the NFL right here in the comments a few hundred times already. Goodell needs to go.

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