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dmhindman is your BTSC 2014 Master of All GIFs

Congratulations to dmhindman!

Jamie Squire

Receiving 75 votes of the 264 participating in the poll, dmhindman wins our contest and the title of Master of All GIFs for 2014.  His GIF of Ben Roethlisberger got off to a slow start in the vote count but made a late surge to victory, beating out his closest competitor by eight votes.

Of all entries in the contest, dmhindman was one of the few who actually tweeted their GIF at BTSC after the contest was posted earlier this week. This in no way gained BTSC's favor to get him to the finals but, being one of the few participants in the contest who thought to use Ben Roethlisberger hitting you in the face with a football as a GIF, gave his entry an edge that couldn't be ignored.

CTSteeler's Ike Taylor GIF had a commanding lead going into the second day of the contest, but finished as the first runner-up after all was said and done. Next in line, the second runner-up was the horse whom I had personally picked to win the contest: Fe City's GIF of Brian Hoyer thanking the football gods that James Harrison had retired and not returned to play for Pittsburgh on opening day.

Congratulations to you, dmhindman! The title of Master of All GIFs is yours for the 2014-2015 football season, and you can proudly add this title to your signature.