What do YOU want from our NEW commish???

I will safely assume that all of us around Steeler Nation would love for Christmas to come early bringing about the early retirement of Rodger "Rabbit" Goodell. It seems like this is not out of the realm of possibility. With that, day dream with me my friends and indulge in visions of the NFL we all grew up with and loved.

How do we get back there? What are the glaring issues you believe have compromised the league in the last 8+ years? Below are some issues that I would like to see addressed from our new commissioner.

1. Concussions: Its football and its going to happen. Focus on better technology and equipment. Aside from head hunting a receiver, lets stop throwing flags for every hard hit. Back in the day passes over the middle were not popular because you'd get wreaked. Lets let men be men and the defense hit people. It is a gladiator sport at the end of the day.

2. Legalize the medical use of Marijuana (in states where legal): Or at least let it be a team by team policy, more and more states will legalize it. Its ubiquitous throughout the league anyway, so stop wasting everyone's time and money by trying to enforce the unenforceable. (side note: NFL testing standard 15ng/ml, Olympic testing standard 150ng/ml)

3. Supervise the administration of steroid use and substances that could be deemed PED's: This would be for rehab use only under the careful supervision of team/league doctors. Just get rid of the hypocrisy. Don't say a cortisone injection w/ a pain med is safer than HGH especially when it opens the player up to further injury.

4. Work better with the NFLPA: Practice formats should be left to the team and the coach, not the league. If a player doesn't want to play for a certain team because the workouts are too tough, no one is making them stay or get paid, period.

5. Any criminal activity is zero tolerance: Anyone that has criminal charges brought upon them should be suspended indefinitely until the case is resolved. This goes for DUI, domestic abuse, possession etc... If you do the crime, you don't get to play football until the legal system is done with you. After which full reinstatement would occur. Beyond that, there is no court of public opinion or kangaroo NFL court.

That's all I have gentlemen. I'm Interested in your thoughts and hope the Stillers kill those Ratbirds tonight!

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