NEW UPDATE! Steeler's defense collapse against Ravens IS COACH "Dads" fault!

Yesterday I wrote an article concerning the criticism Dick LeBeau was receiving by everyone in the Steeler nation, and beyond. I defended him, I offered reasons that seemed justified, I even blamed the whole OLB corps for our defensive embarrassments.

After last night one of the most die hard Coach Lebeau fans has turned the corner. We defensively are atrocious, and it's just not due to a lack of overall talent. I witnessed some of the most un-Steeler like defensive play that I only read about in the the history books, before a man named Chuck Noll came to town and after initially evaluating the players on the roster ended up cutting well over 3/4 of the entire team.

I have never experienced the level of confusion, lack of intensity, and complete disinterest that was shown on primetime last night. We played with greater pride in the preseason games than anybody did at Baltimore. The "rivalry" is over because almost nobody on our defense played like it. Even Troy and Brett looked lost and confused.

I lost count of the number of players who's name I did not even hear called ONCE throughout the Game. Where were you Jason Worilds? Even worse: Hows the big contract's the steelers paid you Pouncy, C.Allen, and Mike Mitchell?? Our defense looked lost and like they were moving in slow motion.

Joe Flacco was in paradise last night and even the Steeler dark days of the 80's and early 90's played with more aggression than our team last night. It's time go LeBeau and it may be time to knife the entire team for the coaching staff down. My brothers we were not even a 6-10 team last night and I can take us losing but I refuse to watch my Steelers embarrass themselves, the entire U.S Steeler nation, and the city of Pittsburgh.

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