The Steelers defensive problems are fixable, The offense did not look ready to play, it's just a matter of staying disciplined and being more consistent.

Ben must play better than last night, defense starting to show signs of life slowly

What I watched last night was a defense that showed the bad and yes there was good. That is what I expected from this defense and from what I saw a lot of the bad plays happened due to players over-pursing and not staying at home(IE growing pains), but when the good plays happened I noticed that the defense looked disciplined and they weren't falling for play action or failing to pick up the run, they clogged all the holes that the RB's had and the OLB's held the edge, but it wasn't consistent, but it was better than the Browns game and that means they're improving slowly but surely. I really like the potential of this group but they are just not executing on a consistent basis.

What about the Offense though? Big Ben was disappointing. He lost the game due to him missing on some wide open throws and the fact the Offense was literally doing everything due to Bell. I love Big Ben to no end but that was just disgraceful how bad he played even the throws he completed were off, I know the fumbles were on JB and Heath, but Ben should have found a way to keep this offense going in the 2nd half with AB coming back and Bell playing pretty good, sadly that never happened. I know it's Thursday Night Football and it's a short week but there was no excuse for his bad play. Bell has looked like the guy that went ahead of Eddie Lacy for a reason. AB is consistent day in and day out, Wheaton looked good and I hope he gets better and better. O line, Beachum continues to impress me with his consistency against Suggs, interior looked great, one o lineman will remain nameless due to his lackluster performance. I expect the offense to be great so when they have a game like this, that disappoints me.

The defense will get better it's just a matter of when, Offense better not look like that again.

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