The Hypocrisy of Goodell

Ever since this guy has been the commissioner of the NFL all he has concerned himself with is protecting the shield, which doesnt mean doing the right thing or making the correct decision. in fact I feel most of his decisions have been based on 1 important factor public opinion which tells me not only is this man incompetent, but he is very image conscious. sorry folks but in order to be a truly effective leader you must be willing to make unpopular decisions and then you must stick to those decisions, and not pander to the media types who cry foul. this gm to me has become a joke with respect to the physical aspect of the gm. its Football not golf or tennis. people are going to get hurt it goes with the territory. we have idiots like Peter King and Bob Costas who think its offensive to call the Redskins the Redskins which BTW has been their name for decades. and our fearless leader Mr Goodell has decided to take up the Cause in trying to force Mr Snyder to become compliant. good for Mr Snyder for basically telling the league and the US Congress to kiss his ass. remember the Saints and their bounty gate fiasco? their HC Sean Payton told Goodell he wasnt aware of what what was going on, yet Goodell said since he was in charge he is still responsible and therefore was suspended an entire yr along with the GM and owner being suspended as well. my point being is this if Mr Goodell wants everyone to adhere to these standards which are borderline ridiculous then he too must be held accountable. I find his arrogance repulsive because he thinks we as fans are all stupid and lack common sense. basically the law enforcement offical who turned over the tape to the league office is being called a liar and is being accused of making up this outlandish story. character assassination is very common now days especially when you want to discredit someone who otherwise has an impeccable reputation. holding Goodell to those same standards means that he cannot use the excuse that he wasnt aware of any tape. lets apply the same reasoning that he used for punishing Sean Payton and send this guy packing. the league has named Robert Mueller as the chief independent investigator in this case to see in fact if the league knew anything about this tape before suspending Rice. how is it that TMZ had no problem getting their hands on this tape, yet according to the league office they couldnt pull any strings mind you the league security is made up of former high ranking FBI, former military and law enforcement officals. we as fans should be outraged and fed up with the lies that are being force fed to us. in short this job has been way too big for Roger Goodell and the only reason he still has the job is because the owners are only concerned with the boat loads of cash he has made them. Art Rooney and Mr Mara are over seeing this and I cant help but feel skeptical considering they are very much on board with keeping Goodell inspite of his obvious incompetence, and unless the public outrage is such that the owners feel threatened financially this investigation is going to accomplish nothing.

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