The Sky IS NOT Falling Open Thread

Hey, y'all, I just thought I'd start a thread to talk about the positives from the Ravens loss and some more realistic analysis of where the team stands in regards to their actual potential. If you want to call for somebody to be benched, fired, or make a list of Steelers players who are the worst in the entire league at their positions, you can find a number of other comment threads where it would be appropriate. In fact, you can probably just find another comment or 12 that say the same thing and just rec them. Right here, let's focus on the bright side, because regardless of what most folks seem to think, the sky is NOT falling!

My reactions were actually primarily positive. Yeah, it stinks to get our butts kicked by Baltimore, but let's face it it's not the first time. Give the Devil his due, the Ravens are strong up front and they don't look to finesse their way past their opponents. The score was really lopsided, but I'm still inclined to boil this game like most Steelers/Ravens matchups to a few key plays. The Steelers coughed the ball up three times in scoring range (twice on their side, once on ours), and Ben wasn't accurate enough to make up for it (although the only two receivers he has thrown to before this season both had hits to the head, so I wonder how much that played into it).

- Shazier is already starting. Who cares about mistakes, the fact that he can do anything good already is exciting.

- Our CB's did a much better job against Baltimore's WR's than Cincy did. Did anyone see if it was a CB or a LB on Owen Daniels' TD's?

- Wheaton again looked dynamic. He was basically held in check, but he made it look like they did a good job holding him in check, not like he was just unable to do anything.

- Bell looked like a true lead back, dangerous all on his own, not just taking what's given him

Any other thoughts?

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