Browns looked good against the Saints - which gives me some comfort

The Steelers second half meltdown against the Browns really gave me cause for concern, but after watching the Browns ring it up against the Saints and then finish them off at the end really gave me comfort. These are not the Browns we are accustomed to playing.

Our division is making a comeback. If the Browns are a 6-10 team, that changes everything for our division. The Bengals still appear to be the bell of the ball so far, but it's early yet. Yes, we had a bit of a meltdown against the Ravens, but let's look at the details. A cheap shot at Ben early on, which really did appear to affect his timing. A fumble by J. Brown (who may still belong on the practice squad) in the red zone. Two defenseless receiver calls that could have gone either way and resulted in 7 points against us. We're talking about a 14-point swing very quickly in either direction. The score could have very easily been 20 to 12 in favor of the Steelers. But it wasn't, and now we have to face the facts. Our division is going to be tougher than it has been the past few years. The Ravens are not going to lay down and die this year and neither are the Browns. The Bengals are just begging to be taken down a few notches. We are still battling confusion on the defense and Ben's timing was off in the pass game. If we can get these things tidied up then we have a very good chance to make some waves this year.

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