Now is No Time to Panic

Now is No Time to Panic

By Jake Trahan

The general consensus amongst Steelers fans in the wake of the 26-6 drubbing against the Ravens last Thursday is that the sky is falling. As an avid Steelers fan it is easy to allow pride to get in the way of rational thought. The natural response for most fans, especially passionate ones is to point the finger. Blame the coaches, blame the general manager, blame the owner, and lastly blame the players. Let us not forget the position we were in at the start of the 2013 regular season, with a gruesome 0-4 start, losing winnable football games to lesser teams. Granted, no one is smiling after last week's game, but it could be much worst.

Week one against the Browns started off great, but for some reason, whether it be technique or coaching, or maybe simply bad luck, we allowed Cleveland back into the ball game. Yet Cleveland's comeback was ignored due to last minute stops by the Steeler defense. Cameron Heyward registered a sack, and William Gay managed to bat away an inaccurate pass, and later laid down a booming tackle for a loss on a frightened Brown's receiver. The game ended as a nail bitter when Shaun Suisham decided the game with a 41-yard field goal towards Heinz Field's open end. After the ballgame we praised the team for the win, and let out a sigh of relief even if it was a close call.

Now after being viciously handled, we are left licking our wounds. The future looks uncertain, and some of us have already decided to reach towards the panic button. Let us not forget that this is only the second week of the season with a lot of football left to play. Let us sit back, relax, and refrain from throwing the remote through the television (even if Ed Hocchuli is terrible). As fans we must not forget that we have one of the best coaching staffs in the league, and a slew of young talent who are starting to mesh together. Come 8:30pm next Sunday night, let us focus on the positive, and remember that now is no time to panic.

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