Sunday night lights is the perfect opportunity

Confidence. It's one of the most important things a team can have and right now this team is lacking it. The way we are tackling shows we have no confidence but also we aren't staying in our gaps and we look undisciplined after like what was it like 11 penalties for over 100 yards. This isn't acceptable and Brett Keisel isn't happy about it and neither is Troy and that's why when you get called out like that by the veterans you know you have to step up. You can't expect to win when your giving up over 150 yards on the ground and biting on every play action boot leg play. The defense is young but you know what they have to grow up at some point this season or else this won't be pretty. I've always believed they will, because I knew the struggles where going to be real but when you see the good from the defense which we have at times they play disciplined and control the edge and then all of a sudden they can't even stop one play. This isn't a bad team they are just learning and honestly the good will come the question is when?

The Steelers Offense came off a miserable mistake prone performance on Thursday Night and you know what this is going to be one heck of a defense they'll be going up against on Sunday Night. They remind me of the 2008 Steelers, stellar D line that controls the line of scrimmage and Linebackers that can cover a lot of ground and hit you in the mouth. Le'veon Bell looked great but even I don't know if he will do it against the Panthers incredible run defense led by Luke Kuechly which is why I believe the Steelers Defense and Offense must rise up against the Panthers. This is a team that has a franchise QB in Cam Newton who is one of the best in the league and they must make him uncomfortable inside the pocket and not let him get outside the pocket. We can not bite on those PA fakes because Greg Olsen can kill a defense and combine that with the fact that Kelvin Benjamin is absolute monster inside the red zone, they can not give cam time to throw.

For the Steelers to win this game they will have to play disciplined and play a complete game from the offense and defense. Steelers must keep Ben protected and find a way to get the ball out quickly, and the defense well you heard Keisel, time to step it up no more missed opportunities, tackle the ball carrier, limit the mistakes, seal the edge, control the line of scrimmage and don't over pursue, just execute. Sounds simple, but will this be the game they step up, we'll find out.

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