These Steelers DESERVE To Be In The Hall of Fame

The NFL voting committee for the Hall of Fame, yet again ignores the pure greatness of such a historical franchise. Let alone, Peter King thinks there's TOO MUCH Steelers in the Hall of Fame which is complete bull. There's never TOO MUCH players from any team, if the players deserve too be in, then those players deserve too be in the Hall. My list will be on point of which Steelers players should be in already, and staff, of course.

L.C. Greenwood, Defensive End

Dwight White, Defensive End

Donnie Shell, Strong Safety

Jon Kolb, Offensive Tackle

Larry Brown, Offensive Tackle

Andy Russell, Outside Linebacker

Sam Davis, Offensive Guard

Mike Wagner, Free Safety

Greg Lloyd, Outside LInebacker

Jerome Bettis, Running Back

Bill Cowher, Head Coach

Myron Cope, Broadcaster

Hines Ward, Wide Receiver

John Jackson, Offensive Tackle

Craig Wolfley, Offensive Guard

Alan Faneca, Offensive Guard

Tunch Ilkin, Offensive Tackle

Gary Anderson, Kicker

Kevin Greene, Outside Linebacker

Casey Hampton, Nose Tackle

Rocky Bleier, Running Back

Chuck Cherundolo, Center

Ray Mansfield, Center

Armand Niccolai, Kicker/Offensive Tackle

I could just go on with how many great players, coaches, and contributors should already be in the Hall of Fame that help the Pittsburgh Steelers make a name for themselves. The NFL is just ignorant and selfish in the way they think.

If any of you have any other suggestions feel free to comment below!

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