Know Thine Enemy - Carolina Panthers

Hey all. I come from Cat Scratch Reader, and I am here to provide a place for you guys to ask questions of me and any other Panthers fans that may happen to come around.

Just some quick background to get the ball rolling:

As I'm sure you've seen, Greg Hardy won't be playing, so that's one less thing for you guys to worry about. But behind him, we do have a very solid rotation of unheralded guys that can step in and fill the void admirably. Case in point: Mario Addison's 2.5 sacks last week. The secondary has played much better than expected, which is a very welcome sight considering our pass rush hasn't been quite as dominant as it was last year. Kelvin Benjamin is good. Our offensive line is not.

My quick question for you guys: How do you guys like Mike Mitchell. Over on CSR we were sad to see him go. Is he worth the money you signed him for?

Anyway, should be a fun one. If you have any questions, ask away!

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